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Welcome to the Ta-Da Internet Food Network!
The ultimate cooking resource community

Ta-Da Internet Cooking Network is something you or a magician says right before showing something exciting!  And that’s just how we feel here at Ta-Da Internet Cooking Network.
Have you ever wondered how to cook that special meal? Whether it’s for family or a special friend, Ta-Da Internet Food Network will give you the courage to tackle it with the skill of a trained chef. Just imagine cooking French cuisine, Southern traditional, Modern Asian, or any of the most popular cooking technique out there today. 

This and more will be available to you through TA-DA Internet Food Network. You will be able to view videos featuring great chefs from around the country showcasing their favorite recipes so you too can cook like a trained chef.

Please enjoy and cook that meal you have always wanted to.
Best regards, 
Chef Acklin
From Devetta's Kitchen...
We offer mouth-watering spices, seafood rubs, infused oils and gourmet cookies for you to enjoy at home. Below is a list of my personal creations that will get your tastebuds in overdrive.
Grandma Faye’s BBQ Rub is a perfect and delicious way to add spice and flavor to any beef or pork rubs.   Mama D’s Poultry seasoning is a masterful blend of herbs and spices, perfectly suited for chicken and other types of poultry. Mama D’s seafood seasoning is a blend of herbs and spices suited for scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab and any type of fish. Mama D’s infused oils great ways of adding even more flavor to your food. The infused oil picks up flavor quickly then slowly intensifies. You can use as a dressing only add vinegar, or to sauté vegetables and meat.

Mama D’s barbecue sauce is loaded with tomatoes, fresh herbs, signature spices to use as a sauce or Marinade Mama D’s gourmet cookies are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s Chocolate chip, Sugar or Oatmeal cookies they are a great way to have fun memories with your kids.
Chef Acklin